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There is a walkthrough guide...


I can't find a third particle. :( It'll be good if you make a walkthrough video just for stupid guys like me. :D 

Anyway, there're good graphic and good sound! I like it!

Good luck with the game development!

There is a walkthrough guide...

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Just finished! Amazing. Although i wish to understand the end more.

 This truly is a gem.

Would love to see more! Are you planning to? 

Would you be interested in me and you writing a script/story for a new game in the same style?

Screenshots look so good, i really want to play. but the game wont work. when i open it, it says: "This app can't run on your PC" I'm on windows 8.1 x86 and i tried the linux package on latest version on debian, it showed the main menu that i could select res and etc. but whatever i did choose and tried to lunch the game just the window disappeared and nothing came. :(

Really sorry to hear that, I have tested the game with Windows 7 and Windows 10 but didn't try Windows 8. I will investigate the issue and will get back to you when have a solution.

Thankyou! if i can do any help (any way to give you logs and etc) i will be happy to help.

I really like the design, but is the game just an infinite loop? I feel like I just did the same thing 3 time in a row for no reason h


Thanks. The game is still not finished and right now it starts again. Maybe i should make it clearer.


I had a similar issue to Bogdan where I almost gave up trying to find the third piece. Other than that, I think the game has a really good atmosphere. It definitely left me with a number of questions.

Hi, Thanks for playing !! Yes, you are right, the third piece is a little hard to find and I include a hint for it in the next update :)
Glad the game left you with question. I intended the game to raise more questions that it can answer, but that's because I wanted the players themselves to answer them. There are a lot of possible explanations for the end and they are all correct. Even you may think of some explanation I that hadn't thought of.

how do you get to the cliff?


This is very nice although the controls are clearly not for desktop. but I had to give up the search - couldn't find the 3rd piece.

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Thank you for playing. You were really close to the missing peace, a little hint - it's not inside (the place is actually in the screenshots, the cliff ) :) Perhaps I should make the place a little more obvious. After you find the missing peace, you are for a surprise, so if you can give it another try ;)

Also if you play on desktop you can turn the camera with the arrow keys or "A" and "D".